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  • GRD IV- Best wide-angle P&S on the market!

    GRD IV- Best wide-angle P&S on the market!

    When I discovered that Terry Richardson, famous fashion photographer, was using the Ricoh GR-D IV, I immediately sent an SMS to the only friend I knew who owned one. Dancing around the idea that I wanted to shoot it, he offered to temporarily trade his digital version for my Ricoh GR-1, the original of its kind. With a huge smile, I agreed.

    Being a film snob and never giving the digi realm a chance always left me skeptical of what these tiny sensors could do. Terry R. is one of my favorite fashion photographers for many reasons--I don't go telling the whole world about it, but i do follow his work very closely. Knowing he was shooting this camera made it a challenge for me. I thought to myself, "can I replicate Terry Richardson's style?". With nothing but excitement for what I could capture flying around my head, I set out to find the Terry R. photo in San Francisco.

    This wonderful little magnesium covered light recorder brought me to my buddy's amazing shop MAAS & Stacks. Showing up a bit before closing hours, the staff, some friends, and I decided to have some fun trying on clothes, accompanied by a few beers. In the middle of all this, I saw an amazing opportunity to make the photo I've been looking for. Otto, the co-owner of the shop, had put on one of the store's hats and started to joke about how he can get away with no tipping with this outfit. Laughing my tail feathers off, I grab my camera and create this lame attempt at the style of Hollywood's famous Terry R.

    I'm enjoy this little street shooter every time I pull it out. Interestingly, it also seems to catch a lot of attention. Keep your eyes peeled--there are more photos to come.